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The Coast News Food Column Lick the Plate: 20 Good Local Food Things of 2010

Who We Work With

Founded in 2003, Artichoke Creative is a fully integrated marketing firm, as comfortable with emerging technology as we are with traditional mediums. It's all about what works for our clients. Founder David Boylan wears the hats of Account Supervisor, Creative Director, Copywriter, Producer, and Digital Specialist and directs a team of in-house and freelance design and production stars. His versatility is one of the primary reasons Artichoke was born. He is one of those rare business/creative hybrids who has been in the trenches as a sales representative for consumer and B2B brands, led national sales teams and worked in corporate marketing for a Fortune 100 company. On the creative side, he can conceptualize, direct creative, write content, and execute campaigns with the best. He hosts a top-rated weekly food show on KPRi 102.1 in San Diego called Lick the Plate and writes a food column by the same name in the Coast News. He promotes music, produces videos, and has planned and produced over 500 national, regional, and local events. Needless to say, he has the talent, connections and the name recognition to get your business noticed. Artichoke Creative can be your full service agency, your in-house marketing department, or a short or long term consultant, working with your existing team.

The Sales and Marketing Divide
This does not exist in our minds. We bring sales into the mix off the bat and tap them for the wealth of information and ideas they can provide and keep an open dialog. Be skeptical of any marketing executive who has never held a sales position. That experience is a key component and helps shape our marketing strategies. Sales and marketing are not mutually exclusive and we request the chance to get out in the field with the sales team for a dose of their reality and to experience the hurdles they face. Our marketing strategy is always bottom line focused, putting results first, creative stuff a close second.

Our Track Record
Artichoke has produced results for local, regional, and national brands who have realized the benefit of doing business with marketers who know how to reach their audience in the most cost effective and creative manner possible. We have experience working with every medium, from traditional print to social media and everything in-between. We can work with any size budget and are very flexible with how our relationship is structured.

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