The AC Backstory Ramble


It all started when I worked on the Masco Corporate Yacht Lady Jane summers through college out of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. While possibly the best summer job of all time, there were serious responsibilities involved preparing a 64 foot Hatteras for daily entertaining and a month long trip around the Great Lakes with the CEO’s wife and her girlfriends.  It was during the day trips entertaining every department from Masco HQ that I realized the marketing department was made up of the creative types and the marketing strategists that I had the most in common with. Even back then I had the unique ability to be equally comfortable on both the creative and account side.  I could develop the creative ideas and had the business smarts and “charge it” ability to execute on those ideas. The seed was planted for me running my own agency where I could put both into play but first there was some in-the-trenches business world experience to be had.


That started in the PR department at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation so OK, maybe not in the trenches but my people skills, which were developed on the yacht, where fine tuned in Steamboat.  There was also some serious skiing involved as well. From there I managed two traveling exhibits from the Masco Corporate Art Collection and toured around the country for 3 years organizing, promoting, and hosting events black tie events. It was an amazing experience with world-class art yet full of intense responsibilities and stress. Next up I continued on in the Masco family of companies with a bathroom products division called Zenith Products as Western Regional Sales Manager where my hardcore sales sensibilities were shaped. It could not have been further from the high-end art world I came from and definitely tested my abilities to develop relationships with all kinds of people.

From there my first agency side experience happened at Quill Communications in San Diego where I fine-tuned my account management skills on the HP account. A series of client side marketing management positions in the tech sector, most notably one as National Sales & Marketing Manager for Smartcode Software, a French email software provider for the Palm Pilot that ended up with an acquisition by Palm then 3Com. Not before I was able to spend quality time over several trips at our HQ in Montpellier, France where my foodie sensibilities were taken to another level.

It was after selling that blockbuster technology product into every major chain in North America and the Palm acquisition that I felt confident in my ability to launch Artichoke Creative.  I had extensive experience conceiving and executing hugely successful marketing campaigns plus selling into some of the toughest customers in the world. Ask me about selling software to J&R Music World in New York City! I was well versed in traditional marketing mediums and on the forefront of the technology revolution to become an early adopter of digital marketing capabilities. It was obvious to me that for the near future anyway, the two could and should be integrated and our tagline was born, Integrated Marketing that Makes Sense.

Over the past 13 years, Artichoke Creative has worked with some of biggest brands in the country and grown local companies into respected regional players in their industries. I’ve realized my dream of building a business and leading a team of creative, tech and account management professionals who excel at their roles, but not limited to their core talents which makes for a lean, talented team able to wear many hats when needed and that bodes well for our customers.

We are an eclectic, selective team and firmly believe that to help you sell more stuff and build your brand, we have to like working with you and believe in what you do. That’s only natural right? You want someone as passionate about your product or service as you are.

With that, thanks for checking us out.

David Boylan


Founder and Creative Director